We help your vision become a reality.

Financial Services

At AVAIL, we genuinely want to help our clients build and maintain strong internal controls through oversight. Your success is, essentially, our success. Our goal is to ensure each client has access to the information and tools needed to maximize financial efficiencies for their business.

Cash Management

By outsourcing cash management to a dependable partner, you can focus on expanding your practice while providing quality care to your community. AVAIL’s goal for our clients is to eliminate any unexpected surprises a new or growing practice might encounter.

Bank Account Reconciliation

What is bank account reconciliation? Through bank reconciliation statements, a business’ bank account is balanced and in sync with its financial records. All payments are processed, and cash deposits are accounted for in the bank account. After all the adjustments are finalized, the balance on the bank reconciliation statement is equivalent to your bank account’s ending balance.

Accounts Payable

Hiring an accounts payable staff can be costly. Through AVAIL, you and your practice have the power improve your accounts payable process. Some benefits include cost cuts, minimization in error, and a business partner who specializes in your financial efficiency.

Financial Reporting

Through financial reporting with AVAIL, you will have access to insightful statements that are critical in decision-making. Businesses and practices alike need credit for business loans or credit cards. Lenders will research your balance sheet and credit report and these reports need to be accurate. Through our financial reporting services, we guarantee that your practice will stay compliant on a local, state, and Federal level.


We work with our clients to ensure that employees are paid on time and that all an employer’s legal obligations are met.


We can monitor the efficiency of your cash flow through billing, coding oversight, specialty billing, collections, claim submission, claim reconciliation, facility credentialing, third party and payer credentialing.


AVAIL will help you build and maintain your practice's best quality control methods through benefits, co-employment, personnel management, retirement plan management, payroll services.


We will help oversee your best practices through business operations, office process management, staff allocation and supervision, lean management and even contract negotiation.


We assist employers and providers with all credentialing related functions such as new-hire provider enrollment, medical credentialing/re-credentialing, and more.