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Human Resources

Human resources can be one of the most time-consuming elements for any business to manage, especially for a practice.

What Your Independent Practice Gains

When you hire AVAIL to help you build and maintain your practice’s best quality control methods, you are investing in more than a simple human resource service. You are committed to devoting your valuable time to focus on what matters – growing your practice to better serve your community. An independent practice performs best when the administrative side of the operation is in order and physicians can focus on the quality treatment of their patients.
By outsourcing human resource services, you can make your practice stronger. Let us concentrate on managing benefits, co-employment, personnel management, retirement plan management, and payroll services.


We work with our clients to ensure that employees are paid on time and that all an employer’s legal obligations are met.


We can monitor the efficiency of your cash flow through billing, coding oversight, specialty billing, collections, claim submission, claim reconciliation, facility credentialing, third party and payer credentialing.


We can track your cost control through accounting, budgeting and planning, practice performance evaluation, and reporting.


We will help oversee your best practices through business operations, office process management, staff allocation and supervision, lean management and even contract negotiation.


We assist employers and providers with all credentialing related functions such as new-hire provider enrollment, medical credentialing/re-credentialing, and more.